The State of Evangelicalism | Ep 63


For this episode Thomas and Bruce just started talking. Two hours later that they had a hodgepodge of topics all jumbled up in a typical Thomas/Bruce conversation. So, they decided to chop it up into a few episodes. That’s why it sounds the way it does.


For this episode they thought it’d be appropriate, on the heels of the State of the Union, to talk about the State of Evangelicalism. Is it dead like everyone is saying it is? Should we be using another title? Is it salvagable? Can we still call ourselves that “which should not be named”? Check out the episode to hear our thoughts on it.


photo: Flickr/David Howard

Distrusting the System: Race and Politics | Ep 13

For this episode, Thomas goes solo! Bruce is traveling, so it’s Thomas’ turn to tackle a topic and he picked race and politics. Thomas has a unique perspective on race, in that, as he says, “was a sell out on one side and didn’t have enough money to be acceptable to the other side.”

The conclusion that he comes to is that hating people does nothing good. Instead, if we understand that systems are what we shouldn’t fully trust and work to correct the issues on our side of the system, then we become productive.