When Pastors Fail | Ep 12

failureRecently Pastor Perry Noble was fired from NewSpring Church, the church he founded. And, with other firings, like that of Darrin Patrick, are we creating a church structure that sets Pastors up to fail? What steps can we take to make sure that pastors can share their brokenness in a grace filled community?

There seems to be an epidemic with no end in sight. But, it’s an epidemic that the Church should be looking to Jesus for answers about how to stop.

Ultimately the answer lies in the community of fellow believers that Christ called us to live in. A community where brokenness can be admitted and grace can abound. One where the goal is repentance and restoration and the hope is that Christ shines through.

When our goal becomes a the creation of an organization rather than the nurturing of an organism, people are bound to fail. At the end of the day firing someone from an organization typically doesn’t include restoration, but the organism of community always hopes for and seeks reconciliation.

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