8 Days of Hope: Follow Up w/James Roberson, 516 Project | Ep 47


Hope Restored

3, 41, 131, & 2149. These are the numbers of hope in LaFayette, LA.

Back on May 4, 2017 we aired an episode where we interviewed the founder of 516 Project – Construction Ministry, James Roberson. At the time he was trying to raise support (you know, people, resources & funds) for an 8 Days of Hope (8DOH) project in LaFayette, LA.

If you remember the episode, in 2016 there was an enormous flood that destroyed 140,000 homes and caused $15 million worth of damage. So from June 4 – 11, 2017, 8DOH and their huge volunteer base descended on LaFayette and worked to restore hope to those who had lost it back in August 2017. And that’s where the numbers come in…

The Numbers

LaFayette saw volunteers from 3 countries and 41 states show up and completely restore 131 homes (25 received completely new kitchens and 85 had all new furniture donated). All told 2149 volunteers came to show the people of LaFayette how much they love them.

James was awesome enough to come back on and share what happened. So, enough from me, let’s let him tell the stories.

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Important Links

516 Project

Lifepoint Church: Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors (FAAR)

Eight Days of Hope

Love Acadiana

Kingdom Bound

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(G)odd People: Rebuilding Hope with James Roberson | Ep 39


In this episode we welcome 516 Project – Construction Ministry founder, James Roberson. James started 516 Project out of a desire to be the light and hope of Jesus to those who feel overwhelmed or defeated by the darkness of their circumstances. James and his team shines that light by “helping homeowners in need of home repairs who are unable to afford or who have physical barrier to completing the repairs on their own.” We love that and wanted to share him and his heart with you.

8 Days of Hope

This was the main reason for James coming on the show.

Eight Days of Hope is a Christian, non-profit organization that is both evangelical and non-denominational. They also exist to show the love and hope of Jesus Christ by serving people in need. James shared that 8DH meets needs in two ways, immediately after a disaster hits (rapid response: by providing shelter and needed relief, and in the later rebuilding process (Disaster Recovery: after it seems like the world has forgotten about it).

Their next major project takes place in Lafayette, LA from June 4 – June 11, 2017. On their website, 8DH explained the situation in Lafayette by saying, “This area has experienced devastating damage. 140,000 homes were damaged in the state in August (2016) as over 20 inches of rain fell in a short period of time causing over $15 Billion dollars of damage!” So they’re going to make a difference and bring hope.

Please consider praying, volunteering or donating to this cause as we will be serving from June 4th through the 11th.

For information, go here: 8 Days of Hope – Lafayette

Volunteer, go here: Volunteer

Donate, go here: Donate

516 Project – Construction Ministry

James’ ministry is aa Christian, non-profit organization based in Fredericksburg, VA. James has a desire to show the love of Jesus Christ by serving people in need. They routinely have projects and work-days and are always in need of resources and people who want to serve others.

There next big work day is May 20, 2017.

For information, go here: 516 Project

Volunteer, go here: Volunteer Registration

Donate, go here: Donations

Request assistance, go here: Request Assistance

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