g(O)dd Studies: Draw Near to God… Sinner, James 4:8 | Ep 59

Jame 4:8A couple months ago we did an episode about interacting with the text of the bible (Ep 51). In that episode we offhandedly mentioned doing a bible study for one episode. As we thought about it we knew that a regular study wouldn’t translate well to a podcast, so we decided to walk through our thought process as we read through a passage of scripture we’re studying. The primary passage we’ll address is James 4:8.

Oswald Chambers

We decided to start our study with a passage from Oswald Chambers’ devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, specifically the one from November 4th. We trust O.C.’s heart for doing good exegesis when using scripture, so we don’t have an issue with what he said. Instead, we want to go deeper and take a contextual look at the whole of the passage.

James 4:8

O.C. uses the first half of this passage, which reads, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.This is a great passage and makes an awesome bumper sticker. We wanted to look at the second half and consider what it means for us Christians. The second half reads, “Cleanse your hands, sinners, and purify your hearts, double-minded people!” WHAT?! That’s being said to Christians. So what could it mean? Here’s what we think…


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g(O)dd Guests: Born Amish with Meg Delagrange | Ep 56

Meg Delagrange

Photo Credit: Jessie Nicole Photography

Our guest for this episode, Meg Delagrange, is truly one of the awesomest people I know. She’s pretty rad at a lot of stuff. She’s a mom, artist, marketing & branding director for a fairly young and booming leather bag company, a New York Fashion Week model, speaker and lots of other stuff. And for all her obvious success and God given blessings, she’s no stranger to tragedy and deep hurt. She’s also not stranger to God made wholeness and healing.

In this episode Meg shares some of those deepest hurts and lets us in on what God has been and continues to do to make her whole and heal her heart.

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Show Links

Meg’s Story summary

Lessons Meg’s been learning this year

Meg’s thoughts on single motherhood

Where to find Meg Delagrange

Meg Delagrange

Photo Credit: Sarah Pagano Photography

Instagram (buy paintings): @meg.delagrange

Website: ColoringSpirit.com

Urban Southern Website: UrbanSouthern.com

Urban Southern on Instagram: @urbansouthern

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Missional or Missionary: Do Christians Have to Pick One? | Ep 7


For Episode 7 we invite the most previous director of theSHIFT (the young adult ministry of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY), Sean Brink, to be our guest co-host.

As Christians we’re bombarded with so many catch phrases and buzzwords that it is hard to know which are useful, which are biblical and which are just ridiculous. One of the most recently popular ones is “missional.” Everyone wants to live in missional community or be on mission. When we flesh out what we mean by that we can see that the intention it to live out Jesus’ commission to make disciples that make disciples. But isn’t that just a spin off of what missionaries do?

In this episode we talk about the functional difference in the two words and what it means to be a missionary and to live missionally and how both can support each other. Naturally that discussion lead to a discussion about how simple churches (like home church types) and traditional churches (like the legacy, corporate types) can partner with each other to fulfill the singular mission of Christ.

During this episode we referenced the following articles or websites:

What Is a Missional Community? by Jeff Vanderstelt