g(O)dd Topics: Your Calling, The Past & Moving Forward | Ep 44


We’ve done g(O)dd topics before. Usually we do them when one of us can’t coordinate a Google hangout. When that happens, the other one will record a shorter video and talk about something that has been on their heart or mind. This week we’re doing it a little different. Instead of one of us recording a short video, we both did. Then we just slapped them together. Neither one of us knew what the other was going to talk about, but I think both topics flowed well with each other.

Your Calling

In the first half of the episode Bruce talks about what we, as Christians, are called to and shares some bad news he received about the counseling program he’s enrolled in. And even though his plans won’t go the way he had hoped, it was how he understands our calling that God used to reassure him.

Often times we put a lot so much pressure on figuring out our “calling” that we never realize our ability to answer the call God has already given us. Our calling is far more simple than we want to believe it is. Bruce shares his thoughts on our universal call.

Nostalgia and Pressing Forward

In the second half of the episode, Thomas talks about reminiscing about the past. He talks about how sometimes we can get hung up on our past and miss the thing we get to be a part of now. Instead, we should only look to the past to remember. Then, as Paul instructs in Philippians 3:13-14, we leave what is behind and press on toward the mark. Remembering the past is good, it reminds us of where we came from. But, pressing on toward Christlikeness lets us reside in “the now.”

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photo: Flickr/Free for Commercial Use