How Should You Interact with the Bible? | Ep 51


In this episode we’re talk about the bible. I know we don’t actually talk about the bible a lot, but Thomas felt like it was time to address how we interact with it.

Often times we approach the it as a manual for how to live or as a rule book. But, if we believe that the it is God’s living and breathing word, then the way we interact with it matters.

Book Links:

My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers

The Religion of Jesus and the Faith of Paul, Adolf Deissmann

Saint Paul Daily Missal, The Daughters of St. Paul

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Church Mission, Vision & Strategy | Episode 50

Mission, Vision, Strategy

THIS IS IT! Episode 50! And we totally missed it. We thought we had more time. We knew we were approaching episode 50, but didn’t realize that it was this close. Because of that, we didn’t do a special 50th episode. So, I added a message to the front end of an episode we had already recorded and planned to post.

In this episode we’re talking about how the church deals with Mission, Vision and Strategy. We think it’s been made far more complicated than it needs to be.


Your purpose. This is what you have joined together with others to accomplish.


This is how you see your organization living out and in that purpose.


This is how you plan to accomplish that purpose.

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Telling Stories with Comedian Taylor Johnson | Ep 49

Taylor Johnson

In the last couple weeks I think we’ve had more guests than we’ve had in the last year. This week we had the honor to hangout with Comedian and Story-Teller, Taylor Johnson.

Let me tell you everything I know about Taylor…

  • He’s a comedian
  • He used to be a part-time youth pastor
  • He’s not afraid of the deep stuff (as you’ll hear)
  • He does private house shows
  • He lives in his van (most of the time)
  • And, he’s pretty stinking funny

I’ll let him tell you the rest.

Show Links

About House Shows

Ministry Pass Sermon Series


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Connect with Taylor Johnson at these links:

Taylor Johnson


Facebook: TaylorJohnsonOnline

Youtube: Taylor Johnson

More g(O)dd Questions: Avoiding Tithing & What Are We Doing? | Ep 48


In this week’s episode we decided to answer questions again. This time they aren’t audience questions. Instead, we’re answering questions that we routinely get from people about what we’re doing about this church thing. We talked about a ton of topics: tithing, leadership, accountability, and being angry at the church.

After we recorded (it ended up being 53 minutes long), we decided that maybe people wanted to skip right to a specific topic, so we separated them into separate videos. So, if you want to listen to the whole thing, do it. But, if you’re interested in a specific topic, you can go straight to that video and watch that one. Here’s the topics and links to the videos…

Here’s the Whole Episode

Individual Topic Clips

What Exactly are You Doing? | Ep 48a

This is exactly what it sounds like. What ARE we doing if we’re planning on doing “regular” church?

Are You Avoiding Tithing or Accountability? | Ep 48b

Mostly? Yes we are. Really we’re both probably giving more than we would if we were tithing to a church. And as far as accountability, we are both more accountable (not less) in the community we’ve placed ourselves in.

Did the Church Hurt You? | Ep 48c

Nope. And we’re not mad at the church either. We love the Church.

What About Leading in Church? |Ep 48d

Yeah, do it. We love leadership. Maybe just learn to follow Jesus, with other followers, first.

Mentioned Links

Inglorious Pasterds

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8 Days of Hope: Follow Up w/James Roberson, 516 Project | Ep 47


Hope Restored

3, 41, 131, & 2149. These are the numbers of hope in LaFayette, LA.

Back on May 4, 2017 we aired an episode where we interviewed the founder of 516 Project – Construction Ministry, James Roberson. At the time he was trying to raise support (you know, people, resources & funds) for an 8 Days of Hope (8DOH) project in LaFayette, LA.

If you remember the episode, in 2016 there was an enormous flood that destroyed 140,000 homes and caused $15 million worth of damage. So from June 4 – 11, 2017, 8DOH and their huge volunteer base descended on LaFayette and worked to restore hope to those who had lost it back in August 2017. And that’s where the numbers come in…

The Numbers

LaFayette saw volunteers from 3 countries and 41 states show up and completely restore 131 homes (25 received completely new kitchens and 85 had all new furniture donated). All told 2149 volunteers came to show the people of LaFayette how much they love them.

James was awesome enough to come back on and share what happened. So, enough from me, let’s let him tell the stories.

If you’d like to partner with 516 Project, you can do that here

Donate to 516 Project

Important Links

516 Project

Lifepoint Church: Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors (FAAR)

Eight Days of Hope

Love Acadiana

Kingdom Bound

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Follow James and 516 Project at the following links:

Facebook Page: 516 Project- Construction Ministry

Instagram: @the516Project

Twitter: @the516Project

FB Live Event: Patriotism & Christianity | Ep 46


We did something a little different for this episode. We aired a Facebook Live event this past Tuesday. So, this episode ended up being a shorter than our others. And, because it was the 4th of July, we thought it was fitting to talk about patriotism and Christianity.


Patriotism isn’t a bad thing. In fact, love for your country results in a lot of good stuff. But, when we make it synonymous with Christianity, we turn following Christ into a politically motivated thing. Instead, our love for Christ should guide us into being good citizens in a way that benefits the people of our nation and reveals a love for them and our country.

Oh, and we have a new intro. It’ll probably evolve a little, but it’s pretty close to how it’ll end up. It’s more us.

We would love to hear your thoughts about how you view patriotism and Christianity. Also, feel free to click one of those buttons and share this episode.
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Is God Actually Love? | Episode 45

God is Love

Eventually we’ll get back to actually planning our episodes, but for now, just talking about whatever we have going on seems to be working. In the pre-show recordings we actually talked about a lot of stuff (Mission/Vision/Strategy, poetry, writing, school, etc.), but at the end we decided on making our conversation about what the Apostle John might have meant when he said, “God is Love” in 1 John 4:8.

God is Love, or is He

I (Bruce) have been working on a book, titled 3 Command, that deals with this subject. Specifically, it discusses the three commands that Jesus intentionally points to for fulfilling the entire Old Testament law: Love the Lord your God, Love your neighbor, and Love each other. And you can’t talk about the implications of those commands on our lives as Christians without first working through 1 John 4:8.

As I’ve studied that verse and other pastors’ and theologians’ perspective on it, I discovered a lot of them don’t think it means what it sounds like it means. So I asked Thomas the question, “What do you think John meant when he said it?” That was the basis for the conversation.

That’s the episode. We’d love to know what you think about whether God is actually love, or is it just a character trait?

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g(O)dd Topics: Your Calling, The Past & Moving Forward | Ep 44


We’ve done g(O)dd topics before. Usually we do them when one of us can’t coordinate a Google hangout. When that happens, the other one will record a shorter video and talk about something that has been on their heart or mind. This week we’re doing it a little different. Instead of one of us recording a short video, we both did. Then we just slapped them together. Neither one of us knew what the other was going to talk about, but I think both topics flowed well with each other.

Your Calling

In the first half of the episode Bruce talks about what we, as Christians, are called to and shares some bad news he received about the counseling program he’s enrolled in. And even though his plans won’t go the way he had hoped, it was how he understands our calling that God used to reassure him.

Often times we put a lot so much pressure on figuring out our “calling” that we never realize our ability to answer the call God has already given us. Our calling is far more simple than we want to believe it is. Bruce shares his thoughts on our universal call.

Nostalgia and Pressing Forward

In the second half of the episode, Thomas talks about reminiscing about the past. He talks about how sometimes we can get hung up on our past and miss the thing we get to be a part of now. Instead, we should only look to the past to remember. Then, as Paul instructs in Philippians 3:13-14, we leave what is behind and press on toward the mark. Remembering the past is good, it reminds us of where we came from. But, pressing on toward Christlikeness lets us reside in “the now.”

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Pursuing Relationships for Community | Ep 43

This episode’s content was a little jumbled in our approach. If you couldn’t tell, sometimes we’re not prepared with a topic. Although we don’t do it often, there are times we get on to record and just wing it to see where the conversation goes. This time it took us to talking about the importance of pursuing relationships for the sake of community.

But First, Marriage Relationships

In pre-show we did talk about the fact that we both knew a number of people, both Christian and not, who are currently in various stages of marital harmony, some having pretty serious distress. Whether there is anything helpful in that or not, we included it because it does have to do with relationships and we both believe that community is one of the best places to walk through those difficulties. In fact, we’ve seen first hand the role community can play in healing and creating wholeness in marriages.

Pursuing Relationships

The main topic had to do with the fact that Thomas wasn’t putting in the effort to pursue meaningful relationships. His wife actually had to tell him to begin pursuing meaningful friendships. I’m not sure what she’s doing, but my take on it is that I’m all the friend he needs. Her argument is worth considering. Check it out…

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A Royal Priesthood | Ep 42


In this episode we’re talking about how all Christians are actually made to be part of a real priesthood. We had a friend share a story about how she took on the duties of a pastor for a family member who was passing away. She talked about how she prayed for that family member and with other members, anointed him with oil, led and issued communion and just generally cared for the hearts of her other family members. All that while a person she loved was dying. And she’s not a pastor. Well, she isn’t a vocational one, who is paid to do that stuff.

Your Priesthood

In Eph 4:11 we’re told that God gave certain gifts to the church so that we might be trained to do the work of the ministry and build up the body of Christ. Those gifts are Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher. It is in these gifts that we are taught and brought into the fullness of our priesthood.

Many Christians are content with allowing a small number of people, typically in church leadership, assumes these roles. In doing so they never have to be responsible for actually making disciples. But, if we take Jesus’ commission to go be witnesses and make disciples, we cannot ignore our role as priest.

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