(G)odd Wives: Review of The Shack | EP 38

With all the controversy surrounding Wm. Paul Young’s book and movie, The Shack, we thought it’d be a great idea to give our take on it. But better than our take on it is our wives’ take on it. So, in this episode we welcome back our wives!

Creative License

One of the biggest arguments against this book/movie is the creative liberty that the author took with the book. Specifically, the fact that he portrayed God as a black woman named “Papa”. While it is true that Young took, what appears to be, significant liberty, by getting hung up on it you miss the very real heart of God that he’s trying to communicate. And that will be the premise that Sarah and Angy take for reviewing it.


The Shack Movie

The Shack Book

Wm Paul Young

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Potluck: Not The Shack, Seminary, Serving in Church, & Adoption | Ep 37


Potlucks are Fun

It’s been awhile since Thomas and Bruce have been able to do an episode together, but they’re back. Technical difficulties put them out for a couple months, but they’re mostly fixed now. In this episode we did not talk about The Shack, mostly because our wives will next week, but also because we don’t like controversy. Just kidding, we like controversy. Instead, we used this episode to catch up on the last couple months, sort of a potluck of topics.

Seminary, Serving & Adoption

Okay, we did talk about The Shack a little, but not enough to ruin Sarah and Angy’s episode. Mostly we focused on sharing what God has been doing in our lives over the last couple months. Some of that stuff is pretty big stuff; kids being healed, adoption considerations, serving in our local church, and Thomas being part of the “system” by going to seminary.

People not to Follow

We also mentioned a number of people that we follow, but don’t recommend you following. Here’s a short list: (CAUTION: If you click the links, they’ll probably mess you up.)

Any Gungor (Michael, David: The Brilliance, Lisa)

Jeff Vanderstelt: Saturate

Francis Chan

Podcasts Mentioned

Bad Christian

Pastor with No Answers

We’d love to hear what’s been going on with you! Let us know in the comments.

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#TBT: Nudity in Movies & Service Based Devotion to God

For episode 5 we invite our first guest co-host, long time friend Curtis Marshall, onto the show. He shared what God has been doing through his upcoming separation from the military and what, for him, serving God looks like right now.

Our first topic starts by asking the question, “Is it okay for Christians to watch movies or television shows with nudity?” Lots of Christians say they have no issue watching shows like Game of Thrones because the nudity isn’t an issue for them, but should it be?

The second topic is something that Thomas has been talking with a lot of Christians about lately. During multiple conversations, people have told Thomas that they’re starting to realize that they are serving in certain areas of the church out of a felt obligation rather than out of being compelled by an active relationship with God. Does “faith without works is dead” obligate us to serve, or is there something deeper than that?

g(O)dd Couple: Starting New – Dating and Remarriage After Divorce | Ep 36


The last few “couple’s episodes” we did, had a lot of great feedback. One of the things that a number of people asked us to talk about was dating and remarriage after divorce. So we are…

We came up with a few points to remember:

1. Figure Out You.

This is you taking the time to deal with your feelings, resolving your hurt and finding the you that you are or want to be. This is a great time for realizing important things about yourself or to reinvent yourself.

2. Know Who You Want.

After you discover yourself, take time to figure out what you want in a partner. This is a great opportunity to wrestle with really deep questions and desires about what a healthy relationship looks like and what you expect from and in a healthy relationship. This is a perfect time to make a list of those expectations (and it’s okay to be picky).

3. Give Your List Grace.

After you make a list, go back over it and be realistic about what you put on there. Then, have grace for it. You might get lucky and find someone who meets the whole list. But, likely you won’t. But that shouldn’t be a game changer. If there are one or two items they don’t meet, decide how important those items are.

4. Be Intentional with Your Time.

When you do start dating, be intentional with how you spend your time. Specifically, if early in the relationship it becomes evident that it isn’t something you want, it’s okay to end it. But, if it becomes obvious you’re moving toward a long-term relationship, or marriage, be intentional about learning each other and investing in that relationship.

5. Remember that Remarriage is Going to be Hard.

No matter how well you do that other stuff, getting married (or remarried) changes the whole dynamic. You are going to bring in baggage and it is likely going to be difficult. If you go in understanding that, you’re more likely to stay and fight. This is not you having a dreadful view of marriage, but is instead accepting the reality that relationships take actual work and that you are both likely bringing baggage to the party.

In the end, we want others to be encouraged and know that building a healthy, God-honoring marriage is possible, even after divorce.

g(O)dd Topic: Who and Whose You Are | EP 35

Who are you

This week we’re delivering up another g(O)dd topic. This time Thomas hits the screen with a philosophical question, Christian style, by asking, “Who are you?”

Hard Questions

Often times we stray away from the hard questions, but know where you are supposed to be requires that we ask them.

Thomas said that in trying to determine if he’s in the right place or not, he’s found it helpful to ask the following questions:

  1. Do I know who I am?
  2. Do I know whose I am?
  3. Do I know where I need to be?

Christianity is about hard questions, not easy answers.

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g(O)dd Topic: Giving up time for Lent | Ep 34


In this episode, I’m going it alone for another g(O)dd episode. But not to worry, it isn’t me talking about something for 40 minutes. Nope. It’s me talking for 20 minutes. And what is it that I’m talking about? It’s Lent.

I’ve never participated in Lent. I’m not an expert in Lent. I’m probably not even qualified to speak on the subject. But I’m going to. But, I’m not going to talk about the history of it or whether we should participate or not. Mostly I love the tradition connected to it and the heart behind it.

What Does an Expert Say?

Since I’m not an expert, I try to listen to people who are. Back in January I was listening to an interview on the Phil Vischer Podcast with Aaron Damiani. During that interview Damiani said, “During Lent, most people ask what they should give up, but that’s the wrong question. A better question is, what does God want to say to me during this time?”

In this episode I share my insight on Proverbs 22:6 and how Jesus fulfills the promise of training up our children. I also share what I’m giving up for Lent and why.

What does God want to say to you during Lent?

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Everybody Hurts, Sometimes… You Should Do it in Community | Ep 33


In this week’s episode we open with Bruce making fun of Thomas’ wife’s, Angy, cross wall. Thomas said Bruce was hurting his feelings, which was the perfect segway into this week’s topic.

This week we are talking about hurt. Specifically, we discuss the fact that if we chose to live in authentic Gospel Centered Community with others, we can expect to be hurt and come face-to-face with other people’s hurts.

Your Hurts and Community

There isn’t a lot of show notes for this topic. Let’s leave it at this.

Community is a great place to come and put your hurt on the table. By doing so, it allows those closest to you to take it off the table and help you carry it. Community is also a great place to grieve with those that are hurting. And, Community is the perfect place to experience Jesus, find healing for your hurts and help others heal.

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Does Loneliness Cause Us to Make Poor Relationship Decisions? | Ep 32


With St. Valentine’s Day being just two days ago, this is easily one of the most lonely weeks for some. Mostly because everything surrounding this holiday involves being with someone you love. But, not everyone has someone. In fact, so many deal with loneliness. Not only do we have to deal with loneliness, we often struggle through different levels of loneliness. It’s this loneliness that causes us to seek out relationships with others and can often lead to unhealthy decisions surrounding who we spend time with and who we chose to commit ourselves to.

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode. Thomas mentioned the importance of understanding the role that loneliness plays in bringing us to church, drawing us into a dating relationship and eventually marriage. We go on to talk about how being lonely can be the foundation we use to make excuses to allow ourselves to consider divorce as an option. So, let’s talk about being lonely…

Why are Christians Lonely?

We talked about a couple different reasons. The bigger reason lies within the separation created from Adam and Eve’s fall in the Garden of Eden. That event created a gap in our relationships that we have been trying to close ever since.

The other reason is a bit closer to home and, we believe, has to do with the way that mainstream (institutional) church is structured. Unfortunately, church, as a system, does not often lend itself to offering authentic and close relationships. Some of the loneliest Christians are those sitting among a 2,000 person congregation. Sadly, the way we structure traditional church actually feeds the needs of the organization, but fails to fulfill the needs of the organisms within the walls.

So people come to church hoping for connection and believing they will find it in the group. But, when the superficiality of that connection becomes evident, they decide that maybe the group isn’t intended for connection and their loneliness convinces them that they can find fulfillment in an individual. So they find someone, and date, then marry… even if they don’t get along with the person, being with someone is better than being alone. Until it isn’t.

The Second Level of Loneliness

The second level of lonely occurs after marriage. It often comes with the realization that the person you married cannot fill that desire for connection. Really only God can, but at this point you’re less concerned with that and more concerned with how to get out of the misery. This is typically when people, who may have never previously considered divorce, talk themselves into it being the “only way” or the “best decision for everyone involved”. So we ignore the bible and do what we feel will alleviate our suffering. (To be fair, sometimes divorce may be a necessary thing. We’re not broad stroke painting divorce.) 

God Doesn’t Leave

God’s message to everyone, all the time is, “I will never leave you.” We may feel alone, but if we’re in Christ, we’re not; in fact, it’s impossible for us to be. God’s word is clear…

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6

A Note to Singles (But really to the church)

Church, two things.

  1. Stop expecting single people to figure out where they fit into the body. Go find them and welcome them in.
  2. Stop making marriage the highest form of worship or holiness or whatever we make it. There’s a ton to this, but stop acting like the thing singles should aspire to is marriage. Just invite them in and be companionship for them.


Mentioned in the show:

Gene Edwards: The Divine Romance

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Are We Reading Two Different Bibles? The Compassion vs Safety Conversation | Ep 31


Without question, for many of us, the past few weeks have been difficult to navigate. The recent Immigration Ban has sparked numerous debates and arguments. Mostly between those for the ban, in the name of safety, and those desiring to provide refugee aid, in the name of compassion.  For us at The (G)odd Show, the biggest things that confuses us is the when Christians engage in this argument.

Not in the Bible

We hear Christians arguing two sides; one being the need for increased border security for the sake of our safety and the other being the need to compassionately care for refugees. Our problem is, when we read bible we don’t see an emphasis on our personal safety. Instead, we see page after page calling for an exceedingly compassionate response to caring for the foreigner, refugee and sojourner. So our question is, how are we arguing about what the biblical response to this issue should be?

Being Honest

Legitimately we don’t have an issue with people being concerned about our safety in this country. The world has become a scary place; safety should be a top concern of our government. All we’re saying is maybe be honest about the situation. If a Christian were to tell me that regardless of what the bible says about caring for the refugee, but their agenda regarding safety was more important, I would accept that. At that point I couldn’t fault them for their honesty, our conversation about the issue would be over and we could move one. Unfortunately the typical response, for many concerned with safety, is that it isn’t a biblical issue. For us, there isn’t much that is more biblical than caring for the least of these.

In the end it comes down to honesty. It’s has to do with being honest about what your priorities are, what you feel God saying to you and how you interpret His word.

Join us as we talk through it. As always, this is a conversation and we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


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What Community are You Talking About? | Ep 30


For the better part of 5 years, Thomas and I have been talking about church outside of the four walls of a building. We have fleshed the process out quite a bit. Thomas has even had the opportunity to implement some of it. And, over the past year of this podcast, we have thrown the word “community” around quite a bit. So we decided it was time that we explain what we mean when we talk about community.

The Community We Teach

We teach a purpose toward ministry called, “Gospel Centered Community” (GCC) and a method of ministry called, “Gospel Centered Missional Community” (GCMC).

In a nutshell, GCC as a heart for intentionally living toward others. And if GCC is an intent to live toward others, GCMC is the missional outworking of that intent. A big focus of GCMC is making disciples who make disciples.

Practically speaking, the focus of GCC is on receiving the love of God and and the focus of GCMC is on revealing the love of God.

Gospel Centered Community (GCC)

This a body of committed believers, connected by a shared purpose and vision to see Jesus glorified and who challenge each other into deeper relationships with Jesus and one another.

Gospel Centered Missional Community (GCMC)

This is the practical outworking of GCC and is focused on cultivating disciples who make connected disciples.

In the coming weeks I plan to release a five-week series, on my personal BLOG, that lays out the process I plan on working though to build this type of community. Soon after that, we’ll have an ebook to accompany it.