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Hi, I’m Thomas. I am  a Husband, Father, Friend, Dreamer, Writer, Builder, Nerd. (In that order, except the nerd is in the wrong place) I live in Florida, plant home churches, argue about comic book movies, and spend way to much time on the internet. Cheers.

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8gYpH5azHey, I’m Bruce. I’m a Christian, husband, father, writer, blogger, reader, and coffee snob.

I’ve been blogging and writing for seven years. Over those years God has cultivated my heart for the importance of community centered on Jesus. I’m convinced, and I want to help others realize, that the abundant life Jesus promised happens in a community of loving believers.

Also over those years God has built in me a desire to minister to men. My hope is to see the men in the church fulfill the roles they were created to in a way that glorifies God. Most recently that desire has been played out on the blog The Whole Man, which is focused on seeing men find healing and wholeness from the one source that can fully offer both, Jesus. Now I’m doing The (G)odd Show with these this guy in hopes that we can offer something beneficial to anyone trying to figure out how to live a life dedicated to Jesus. I live with my amazingly talented wife, Sarah, and our two younger children in Boise, ID. I also have two teenage sons, one in high school and one starting college, who live in Washington. Enjoy the show!