The Godd ShowThe (G)ODD Show, the “G” is silent is an idea engine to create authentic interaction and broad-based discussion from a christian worldview.

The tagline is an acknowledgement that

our lives are odd and the “G” is a God who isn’t always easy to see.


Just a couple guys, wading the waters of marriage, parenthood, friendship and everyday life and inviting others to join in.

Honest and passionate discussion on topics you care about, from 3 very different views of faith and church.


We want to present an honest circle around the topics of the day.

We are giving the audience insight into our thought process as creatives and Christians interacting between a world that doesn’t quite get us and a church that all too often reacts before acting out of compassion.

Our brand of discussion is raw and unfiltered, our feelings and ideas are not toned down and our conclusions may be unpopular.

Our biggest desire is to draw others into the “conversation”.